Evil Genius is one stop shopping for marketing solutions. We have broad experience based on a strong alliance of talent. Evil Genius marketing has big company experience and the flexibility and agility of a boutique agency. Whether you need an agency on record, help on a project or a marketing temp for a few days, we can help. We work on any time zone, on-site or off. If you can't do it alone, Evil Genius will help your business take over the world.

We want to deliver 100% satisfaction. Evil Genius was built on creativity, innovation and excellence. We are strong leaders who believe in accountability. We want your business to succeed. It makes us look good. If we are your agency of record, you have our attention. If you use Evil Genius for a project, you also have our attention. It is imperative that we deliver consistent results and achieve satisfaction whether it is a one time project or a long term relationship. We expect nothing less from ourselves.

We get to know your company and become your expert henchmen. We understand your competitors and determine the challenges and opportunities associated with your business. We devise war game plans to understand and beat your competition.